Faith Formation

The congregation at Franklin Federated Church believes that personal faith development never ends. You'll find programs across all age groups focused on growing your faith and sharing your faith journey with others.

Children's Sunday School

Safe Church Policy

We are committed to the safety of the children left in our care. All of our teachers are volunteers who willingly consent to a criminal background check (CORI), and who team teach (two adults per classroom) so that children can safely be children, and teachers can safely and appropriately love each of them.

Godly Play

Our curriculum for children in grades K-5 is Godly Play, which teaches the lessons of the Bible through the art of storytelling. Children are invited to witness stories from the Bible unfold by watching their teacher present the lesson with the use of props and materials. Afterwards, children work on an activity of their choice, such as drawing, painting, play dough, etc. which engages their creativity and imagination through hands on work. Godly Play curriculum acknowledges children’s natural awareness of the presence of God and provides them with the language they need to identify and express their own understanding of God.

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5-8 Grade Discussion Group

Kids in grades 5 through 8 stay in worship through the sermon and then join a class with two teachers to discuss the scripture reading, sermon material, and anything else on their minds. This discussion-based class allows the kids to relate the scripture reading to their own lives and current events around the globe. This class begins to transition the kids into attending the full worship service as high school students.

Youth Group

With friends, fun, and faith, the Youth Group gathers every 1st and 3rd Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:00 in the Youth Group Room. Anyone walking through the downstairs of the church at that time will find it hard to miss the music, the laughs, the slam of a foosball table, and the smack of an air hokey paddle. That’s because our typical way of beginning meetings is to welcome teens as teens into a safe place to relax and be themselves. 

Youth Group fixing up the FFC playground

Youth Group fixing up the FFC playground

We have intentionally designed our youth group with the understanding that today’s youth need down time to let go of their overscheduled demands, and just breathe. During the time of life that is laden with uncertainty and change, it is tempting to protect adolescents from life’s internal roller-coaster ride by busying them with activity after activity. But in Truth, what will protect them best is the Breath. It gives them pause, a moment to reconnect with themselves, to process, to pray, and feel the Spirit embracing them and guiding them. As such, we believe in our youth and their relationship with God.

Of course, the friendships that are developed in youth group are pretty amazing too. It is here where the teachings of Jesus Christ are woven throughout all relationships. So trust, support, and acceptance are central. Youth can let their guard down amongst one another without fear of judgment or criticism. It’s inspiring to see the ways they choose to share their time and talent with others. From helping Special Olympics, elderly with Alzheimer’s Disease, individuals who are homeless, and much more.

Adult Faith Development

Discovery Group

This group meets most Sundays to explore aspects of ancient and modern Christianity using many sources - the Bible, history, archaeology and extra-Biblical texts old and new. Discussion topics are presented in units of 2 to 4 weeks, featuring half-hour DVD presentations of respected scholars and theologians followed by discussion of personal reactions form each individual’s experiences and reading.

No preparation or prior expertise is needed, and each discussion stands alone so participants can drop in when interests and time allow. Coffee, tea, juice and baked goods are served.

Bible Conversations

The Bible Conversations group meets on the first Saturday of the month at 8am to discuss Scripture where you can contemplate the context for the words, investigate what the original message might have meant, and converse with others who are as interested as you in exploring what the message might be for today’s world and your life. All you need is your Bible (any version will do and, by the way, the church has plenty to share!) and experiences from your life!  No other preparation needed!

Affirmation Program

Welcoming the affirmands on Affirmation Sunday

Welcoming the affirmands on Affirmation Sunday

The Affirmation Group welcomes all youth who would like to begin to explore their faith. The group is assembled every other year and includes youths who are 14 or older at the beginning of the school year. The journey of exploration includes visits to other churches, learning of other faiths, community service, participation in FFC activities, and developing relationships with chosen adults in the church through mentoring in the Christian faith.  The Affirmation Group activities last through the school year culminating in Affirmation Sunday, where they may choose to join the church. Throughout the year, affirmands learn and experience the many ways faith can work in their lives.