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FFC in the News: PokéStop Meetup

Photo: Mike Gleason/Milford Daily News

The Franklin Federated Church hosted a PokéStop Meetup on Saturday which was covered by the Milford Daily News.

Aspiring Pokémon masters were out in force in the town common Saturday afternoon.
The Franklin Federated Church, which sits just opposite that grassy expanse, set up some amenities for Pokémon Go players on its front lawn. Volunteers underneath a small tent offered water, some frozen treats and a recharging station to the trainers.
Tiffany Miller, a member of the church, said the idea to assist players came up in a meeting.
"We just thought it would be fun to open up our lawn and invite people over," she said. "Everyone's trying to catch different Pokémon with their phone, and there are a number of PokéStops around here, like the church and the gazebo on the town common."
Miller said she learned about the app a couple of weeks ago.
"I have a 12-year-old son, and we've been exploring it together," she said. "We first read about it online."